Haiku album cover art.jpg


by Jenny Maybee & Nick Phillips





“…Nick Phillips channels his inner Chet Baker in dreamy duets with singer/songwriter/pianist Jenny Maybee…an 11-track rarity of pristine playing, beautiful vocals and original compositions…Billie Holiday and Chet Baker, to name but two, are jazz legends whose music you could close your eyes to and nod out blissfully in a deep groove…Haiku is in the same league.”
"...a thrilling, intimate, very delicate dialogue...close to perfection."
—Jazz Quad
"[Haiku is] an album that values heart over head and beauty over brawn, pointing to the fact that Nick Phillips has found an artistic soul mate in Jenny Maybee...wouldn't be totally out of place on an ECM record, as thoughtfully curious piano, full-bodied bass, and warm-toned trumpet embrace the art of unhurried exploration."
—All About Jazz
“...eloquent and heart-stopping...an otherworldly simpatico...there is a superb and almost balletic dancing that takes place. It’s as if the music melts into dance and this results in a dizzying and beautiful interplay that is riveting...among the most sincere and poised accounts of song that a duo have produced in a long time.”
"[Nick Phillips'] albums as a trumpeter show that he is a thoughtful improviser with a unique approach to creative music...What makes this album [Haiku] different is his collaborator, Jenny Maybee, who is equally talented as a vocalist and pianist. Maybee sings on seven of the album’s eleven tracks, and her unique style seems fairly sedate on the surface, but is capable of sudden intensity whenever the music demands. These qualities make Maybee a great partner for Phillips, whose moody trumpet improvisations frequently take unexpected turns...[Haiku's] understated mix of vocals and instrumentals should appeal to jazz fans of both genres.  
—Jazz History Online